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ERS is the leading outsource provider of comprehensive and cost-effective employment screening, verification and credentialing services to public, private and government partners worldwide. Our award winning pre-employment screening and verification reports provide global employers with critical risk management and employee hiring information including: access to nationwide criminal background check records, sex offender registries, motor vehicle records, employee credit history, social security and identity verification, employment and education verification, reference interviews and more.

First to introduce online pre-employment background screening in 1997, our online verification systems streamline the processing of employee records from pre-hire to post employment. Our innovative technology offers instant access to many reports and can be easily interfaced with your online job applications, HRIS or ATS tracking software; allowing e-applicant data to automatically populate our databases and reduce or eliminate redundant employee application processing.

ERS is a registered trademark of Employment Record Service Inc, an international company and provider of employee record management services including a full range of applicant screening and credentialing, I-9 compliance, payroll employment and income verification (VerifyX) and unemployment cost management services (UCCIT).

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ERS is a registered trademark of Employment Record Service, Inc, an international provider of employment screening services, tenant screening, and automated payroll income and employment verification services. Copyright 2023, ERS, Inc. Privacy Statement.